Translated from Spanish, the term “Masculino” characterizes a gentleman of stature who is true to his roots and who sees the “Sixth Finger” as an extension of his reputation. The perfect name for the perfect cigar consumed by men and women of gravitas who are both determined and undaunted in the pursuit of life, happiness, and luxury.

Due to the quality of the harvest and the extensive fermentation process, Masculino cigars are not produced in large quantities, therefore, limiting its availability. Produced under an extremely vetted quality-controlled process, Masculino tobacco is grown in Nicaragua and Honduras with the best Cuban seeds available. Each harvest; each batch; each cigar goes through a very unique process with the same hand-selected team producing the best cigar for the person with discerning taste.

It is this process that lends the Masculino Cigar its woody characters, coffee notes, and peppercorn spices that will complement the palate of both the novice and the astute aficionado. The Maduro, Habana and Connecticut wrappers all share a common vein that instinctively tells you - this is a Masculino.