The Message

The Simple Truth... Behind every great idea is a great team; two or more like-minded comrades with the same desire to attain greatness.

Masculino is the brand, but it is also our creed. A collective group of determined individuals with one common goal – never give up, stay true and stay committed!

A few years ago as I sat in a cigar lounge enjoying a really good stick, a gentleman that was probably considered a sage in the community unexpectedly addressed me. Perhaps he had been watching me for a while, I don’t know. But on that day, the words that he bellowed from across the room, "Welcome to the community, stallion”, indelibly set the course for my future endeavor.

Ten years after that encounter, I was encouraged to step out on faith and start the process of building Masculino. Over the years I have traveled the world visiting different cigar communities. Every community was similar with the exception of the faces and names. I embraced the various communities because the communities always embraced me. As I traveled to established cigar regions I was always greeted with respect and curiosity. Many would ask, “Why are you delving so deeply into this endeavor? Why not just put your brand name on a stock cigar? Why go through all the trouble to hand select leaves, monitor the fermentation process, and inspect every cigar? Why, Why, Why?”…the answer was simple. Why not?

Because of the authenticity of Masculino, we pride ourselves on originality. When claiming originality, everything must be original from start to finish and this is why I am hands on from start to finish. It is my promise to you that you will only get the best when dealing with Masculino.